Camp Victory


The History

           The Camp Site project came into being in the year 2008 as Pastor John Wynn, one of the Assistant Pastors of the church started praying for a vision about building a Camp Site having a deep longing for every young person to have that opportunity to be under the influence of the preaching and fellowship of a youth camp and at the same time an opportunity to make life changing spiritual decisions. One of the other ministries that Pastor John has is the Youth Camp that we have every year and it was where the vision came from. Throughout the decades, the Lord has been using the Youth Camp to lead many lives of young people to step into God's will and it also has been one of the ways to reach the lost souls.

             Pastor John at the age of 16 was called out to be a missionary in one of the Youth Camps here in the Philippines, years back. At present, most of the local and foreign missionaries that we have are those who made major spiritual decisions in a Youth Camp. We have missionaries in Vietnam, Taiwan, Burma, Indonesia and in many places here in the Philippines serving the Lord and fulfilling His calling and it all began one night at a youth camp when the Holy Spirit of God through His Word gave them grace to surrender their lives to Him and for His will! These are decisions that set the lives of young people in a direction that has taken many off to different places and has involved them in Church Ministries.

              Down through many years that the church have handled annual youth camps were sometimes in Tacloban, Dulag, Tolosa, Alang Alang and where ever else it could find the facilities that would accommodate campers and be affordable. The places we have been to are not formally camp sites; they are usually schools that can function as camp. In the past years, we have held it in our church where we tried hard to accommodate more than a hundred of delegates from the different places in the Islands of Samar and Leyte. Many of the young people don't actually care about how nice and comfortable facilities are;  everyone just look forward to the fun and fellowship in youth camp no matter where it was or what the facilities were. During the last years that we have had youth camp; it seems that one of the main difficulties for the host church is finding the facilities big enough to accommodate the growing number of campers we have. As a result camp fees have gone higher, and our church here in Tacloban do not have the facilities to be able to properly take care of almost 180 campers and workers who attend. As a result, several years ago the Lord Has put in the mind and heart of Pastor John (the Camp Site Director) the burden to initiate this Camp Site Project. Camp facilities to hold youth camp for the churches we fellowship within Leyte and Samar. 

The Birth of Another Ministry

            The Camp Site project became another ministry. With a great conviction of this vision- immediately the search of a property began. Pastor John started looking for a piece of property and found somewhere in Babatngon Leyte, a 45- minute drive from the city. Just before going on a furlough, he produced (together with some young adults in the church) an Audio-Video Presentation for a fund-raising campaign in churches in the US.  He was able to present it to churches in the States and begin raising the 1 million pesos which was set as a budget for the 4 hectares of property to purchase for the campsite. As the campaign started in the US, there was no concrete idea where the money would come from but God does and that alone kept the fund “raising moving forward. Little by little the money came in enough for a piece of property. Going back to the Philippines after a six-month furlough; Pastor John had so much excitement to share that the Lord had worked in so many amazing ways to show how He is a great God who can provide everything. God has blessed Pastor John with the money enough to buy the property for the camp site and people were also blessed as well with the testimony.

God Provides

            The Church was not able to purchase the original prospect for the site for some reasons and so did many others that it looked at after that. It took a year and a half of looking and praying before God has finally gave the piece of property He perfectly prepared for the campsite! It had not been previously offered because the price was about four hundred thousand pesos over of a one million budget but because of various circumstances that only God could have arranged; the property was negotiated for the one million peso budget. Another year of hard work was invested with the efforts of many and the Lord working it out; the Land Title (legal documents) has been transferred to the name of Grace Baptist Church. The process was not easy and because we have to stand to the good testimony of the church we can honestly say that we never have broken any law nor took any advantage of people just to get the document settled. It was the Lord who was faithfully working on it. No matter how difficult it was to go through the procedures and policies, God has been good!

CAMP VICTORY; A Work in Progress!

          It was a great property for a wonderful price in Babatngon Leyte where actually the first prospect is nearby located. It was a four-hectare land situated in Brgy. Victory of the said town and as a result the camp site was named; CAMP VICTORY. The clearing of some part of the property was immediately initiated. Pastors, Bible Students and some church members were actively a part of this activity. Everybody has been very much involved in this endeavor. The church also has organized "pintakasi (group cleaning operations) which was a way of fellowshipping and working. Clearing was continued and by God's grace and provision, the driveway was built and the culverts were installed.

          During Pastor John's 2011 furlough, another video was made for the purpose of raising money for the buildings and God used it once again to touch the hearts of many around the world. At present,  2 buildings (dorms) needed for the camp is an on-going construction. Both buildings are now up and a roof on the first one. We have 800,000.00 pesos ($20,000.00) to spend on the multipurpose building and will need another 3 million pesos ($73,000.00) to complete it. 

         Our goal is to host the youth camp in April 2013! We pray that we will have the dorms completed and the multipurpose building partially completed so we can use it as a makeshift auditorium. We  hope to hold our first youth camp there for the glory of God! Please pray that God would meet the needs for the multipurpose building and He would continue to bless and use Camp Victory for many generations to come!