First Baptist Cemetery at Camp Victory Eyed

Now that Phase 1 of the Camp Site project in Babatngon, Leyte, is almost finished, the opportunity to build and establish the first Baptist Cemetery in Eastern Visayas is being considered. Weeks before Pastor John Wynn and his family went on furlough in June 1, 2015, inquiries were made on the requirements for the issuance of a permit for the construction of the proposed cemetery. God led the men to people who were instrumental to the compliance with the requirements for the said issuance of the permit. As of this writing, the men have obtained a checklist of requirements from Municipal Planning and Development Officer of Babatngon and an assurance that they will be guided in the accomplishment of those requirements. They have also obtained the written favorable endorsment of Babatngon Mayor Charry Chan. A licensed architect has prepared them the design and construction plan, which are prerequisites to the release of a Locational Clearance for the cemetery project. Then those plans will be assessed by the Department of Health, which will issue a Sanitary Permit.

They hope to be able to secure the permit to start construction before the end of 2015 or within the first quarter of 2016, God willing.


... By God's Grace, We Press On!

It's all because of God's great provision that finally on March 31- April 3, 2015 Camp Victory's Inaugural Youth Camp for Ley-Sam Baptist Church transpired with 137 young-adults in attendance. 

These are mostly college students and young professionals delegating mission and churches from Leyte and Samar.  

The four-day activity had Pastor Calvin Houser, an American Missionary to San Jose Delmonte Bulacan as Camp Speaker who preached series of lessons centered on the theme; INSIDE OUT: "Purity starts from within.  

Aside from the morning sessions for lessons and the preaching of God's word in the evening service, there were loads of fun during the indoor and outdoor games as the campers were divided into 4 teams: Gold, Diamond, Silver, and Ruby. These teams competed with each other throughout the week on various activities prepared by the hosts.

Also a part of the group competitions during the camp are: one-act musical play, shadow play and the most awaited search for the Camp king and Queen. 


At the end of the week, the Diamond team bagged the prizes for the 1st place. The crowned King and Queen of Camp also hailed from the said group.

More importantly, many many great decisions were made during camp. By God's grace, many have surrendered their lives to God's calling. God surely worked on the hearts of the young adults who were present that night. May we continue to pray for these individuals who have purposed in their hearts to be pure, inside and out. 

In all these things, we give all the glory to God!




OCTOBER 27, 2014

Digging the holes for the footers of the multi-purpose building



Steel bars all put together for 6 of the post of the multi-purpose building


Foundational matting for the footers


Putting up one of the basketball goals Sugar Creek Baptist Church, Sugarland, TX donated


                Church Pintakasi for the Landscaping of the Camp Site (2012)


The Construction of the Driveway



        Clearing the Property with some Bible Students and Pastors



Church Pintakasi 2010